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Dr. Yinggang Zheng is one of the earliest and most experienced endoscopic spine specialists in the field. Safe, minimally invasive, and revolutionary spine surgery care, with very high success rates.



My name is James R. I have been seeing Doctor Zheng for about a year now. When I started doing my research I found Doctor Zheng online at a local doctors office in Middletown. I have been suffering from chronic pain since 2012. Doctor zheng has been the only doctor that has taken the time to get to know me and work with the pain I have. He is the type of doctor that take the time and listens to what his patients have to say. He doesn't run to a script pad because he has alternative ways to work with pain. He is the only doctor that will get my referral and my recommendation. Thank you very much Doctor Zheng.
James R
I just wanted to take an opportunity to tell you pleased I have been with your care and treatment. After a series of four shots, pain in my back and in my feet have all but been eliminated. The quality of care that you provide is superior. Every person that I have come into contact with either in your office or the surgicenter have been knowledgeable, understanding and kind. From the moment I met you, you were confident that you could help me and relieve my pain. You lived up to your high expectations. Additionally, you always followed up with me to insure that I was doing well. Without reservation, I would recommend you to others. I will not hesitate to call you if I need you again. Thanks again,
I am a patient of Dr. Zheng. I have severe back pain for many years. I tried different doctors with very little help. I came to Dr. Xheng. He did spinal injections which work for a short time. Eventually he performed an endoscopic rhizotomy which made me feel great. I am back to work now because of him. Dr. Zheng has cutting edge endoscopic techniques. It really does work. If you or your family has back pain, see Dr Zheng.
Rodney Sotomyer
I am very pleased to write this testimonial for Dr. Zheng. I have known Dr. Zheng and been a patient of his at Middletown Medical, Middletown, New York for approximately three years. I hold Dr. Zheng in the highest regard personally and professionally. He has bee able to help me with problems in my neck, back and hop. He is a doctor who genuinely cares about his patients. Whenever, I have an appointment with him he never rushes me, always takes the time to talk and to listen to my concerns and questions. We have reviewed x-rays and MRI's together and he always explains what I am looking at and why it is or is not related to my issue. He has always been patient, respectful and never condescending.
William Montgomery
I was suffering with lower back/groin/hip pain for over 1and1/2 years and saw a few doctors only to be told I had bad arthritis in my hip and would need a replacement. I dealt with many different stories as to what was wrong and was finally referred to Dr. Zheng. After approximately 1 month of seeing Dr. Zheng I had an injection and the change is night and day. I feel so much better and can function more now than I did for that year and a half. I recommend the injection I received highly and I recommend Dr. Zheng. "Thank you so much"
Mary Ellen
In 2014 I injured my lower back and was referred to Dr. Zheng. He recommended injections to reduce the pain. The injections were great but they were only temporary. We discussed doing endoscopic surgery. My pain level was a constant 9-10 so I decided to get the surgery. After the surgery I now have no back pain. I definitely recommend this to anyone with back pain. Dr. Zheng knows what he is doing. I now feel great and am thankful for Dr. Zheng. Thank You!
Michael P.
Dr. Zheng changed my life, for years I suffered with neck pain, headaches. I spent many sleepless nights. After going to many specialists, who treated the symptoms not the cause, I decided after conferring with my primary physician to see Dr. Zheng. I was apprehensive at first, but after discussing my situation with him I decided to allow him to treat me. After several procedures I can honestly say that Dr. Zheng has given me back my quality of life, which was missing for years. I am no longer in pain, and my depression, which was a direct cause of my situation, is gone. His true concern for his patients is admirable and quite rare!
Raymond J.
I had very bad lower back pain on a scale of 1-10 it was a 9+ to 10. My Dr. referred me to Dr. Zheng who recommended injections in my back. I was very hesitant but he comforted me and said he can help. I'm glad I listened to him. My back pain went from a 9+ to 10 to less than 1. I recommend this to everyone. Dr. Zheng to me is a miracle worker. It has been over a month now and I feel great. Thank you Dr. Zheng my pain level is 0/10
Harry P
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